Tobias Schmidt

Digitalisation Expert

An engineer at heart with a business value-driven mindset. I currently work at the intersection of online marketing, business intelligence and marketing automation to enable companies to deliver dependable, personalised and profitable digital experiences to their customers. On my blog, I am sharing thoughts on digitalisation and the web.



I am interested in meeting new people, learning new things, and helping with interesting projects. I am happy to connect on LinkedIn and Github. To stay in touch I am looking forward to receiving an Email. If you like the content I write on my blog you can consider subscribing to my feed. In case you would like to learn more about me you can check out my profile, now and uses pages.


My website is open-source published on GitHub. You can find an overview of all modules I use across the website in my Styleguide. Check out my Colophon to learn how I created this site. In the Privacy Policy, you will find information on how this website handles your data. The Legal Notice includes other important information.