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Tobias Schmidt enables people to reach their digital goals.

Business portrait of Tech Consultant Tobias Schmidt.

After spending almost a decade working in online marketing, media production and software engineering—Tobias believes in pragmatic solutions that not only create value, but also improve the everyday live of it’s users.


2018–now / Commanders Act

Tobias currently works as a Senior Technology Consultant at the European mar-tech company Commanders Act. There he supports clients to implement the Commanders Act toolchain and enables them to utilize it to improve on their business KPIs.

This allows Tobias to use and intensify his core expertise in ⌨️ Engineering, 💬 Communication and 📱 Digital Marketing.

2014–2017 / Possible

Prior to his current position—Tobias worked for the digital agency Possible Worldwide where he lead and engineered digital marketing projects for renowned clients ranging from Siemens, over Deutsche Post DHL to Deutsche Bank. At Possible Tobias learned to focus the broad skillset he picked up during his studies into one clear direction—Tech Consultation for digital business.

2010–now / Freelance

Tobias started to work on tech and media side projects as a freelancer parallel to his studies. Freelance projects provide Tobias an opportunity to dive in new technologies and support the open source ecosystem.


2009-2013 / University of Applied Sciences Munich

During his studies of Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Munich Tobias Schmidt was not only able to learn a broad range of engineering skills which he could intensify via his tutorship in electrical and energy engineering, but also business oriented skills like digital marketing, management and statistics.

2011–2014 / Deutsche POP

In parallel Tobias attended evening curses for practical sound design at the Deutsche POP in Munich, which lead to a multitude of freelance opportunities in audio production for commercials, an internship at the movie production company Panda Pictures, and enabled him to write his multidisciplinary bachelor thesis “Audiodesign for Lecture Podcasts”.

Tobias Schmidt therefore holds a Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Industrial Engineering with ECTS Grade A, and a certificate in Sound Design. Moreover he regularly attends trainings to stay up with the market—e.g SCRUM certification, and web development or digital marketing online courses.


In his spare time Tobias enjoys going on forest-walks 🌲, eating out with friends 🥙, going to the movies 🎬, family events 👫, qi gong and meditation 🧘‍, board game evenings 🃏, philosophy 🤔, and playing the Irish Tin Whistle 🎶. During vacations 🏖 he travels the world with his beloved wife Oana.


⌨️ Engineering

Tobias is an expert in engineering digital solutions. He analyses user requirements, sketches out technical architectures, develops websites and prototypes from scratch, and writes glue code between existing solutions.

💬 Communication

As an Industrial Engineer and certified SCRUM Project Manager—Tobias knows how to translate technology into business and business into technology.

📱 Digital Marketing

Marketing combines the best of technology, communication, business, and creativity. Moreover it drives the current digital transformation process of companies. Digital Marketing is a perfect fit for Tobias multidisciplinary skillset that he picked up along his work in digital agencies, movie production and mar-tech companies.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Web development is a technology branch that develops really fast and brings up new frameworks and programming languages every day. To keep up with this Tobias focused on a deep training of the fundamental web programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript—for new technologies he always tries to evaluate the effort to learn it in relation to the value it provides.


Every programmer has his go to general purpose programming language to automate everyday tasks. Tobias chose Node, a very obvious addition to his portfolio as it relies on the same programming language that is used for the web. He also uses Node for writing servers and APIs, and uses it for data science and visualization tasks.


Golang is a very clean, save and performant language developed by Google. Tobias is a fan of Golang and uses it in situations where Node is to slow. He also posts Golang tutorials on Medium.


Tobias is currently learning the basics of Python to extend his data science toolkit.



Based on multiple years of working experience in international companies and teams—Tobias is fluent in business level English for tech and marketing related topics.


German is the mother tongue of Tobias.