What I'm currently doing

👨‍👩‍👧 Learning to parent while parenting my lovely daughter.

🤖 Working on CDP projects as a Senior Solution Consultant at Plan.Net.

💻 My new blog (that you are currently on) is live 🥳, but it is never finished! I am working on writing some blog posts, fixing meta data and automating social graph images.

🎧 Listening to “Das Wunder der Wertschätzung” and “The Wheel of Time” audiobooks.

🎶 Practicing my new Collin Goldie Low C, Low D, and Low F Irish Tin Whistles. Collin Goldie is basically the Stradivari of Low Tin Whistles and I finally received my instruments after a long (we are talking years) wait. I will need some time to get used to it as it offers much more dynamic range compared to my old Chieftain Tin Whistle.

🐉 Playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e both as a player (a Halfling Calligrapher Warlock called Nim Inkwell 🧙🏻) and dungeon master online (in a custom campaign that plays in the beautiful and peaceful region of Sí Bheg, Sí Mhor when suddenly a dark ancient cult arises).

🏥 Doing regular qi gong 🥋, core strength training 💪, zazen 🧘‍ and reading books on philosophy 🤔 help to keep my physical and mental health up.