What I'm currently doing

👨‍👩‍👧 Learning to parent while parenting my lovely daughter.

🤖 Working on DMP & CDP projects as a Senior Solution Consultant at Plan.Net. Building a team.

💻 Fine-tuning the css stylesheet of my blog. Trying to find a serif font that I want to use for italics.

🖼 Trying out generative art after reading this essay of Tyler Hobbs. Maybe it will become a new hobby of mine—but I need to refresh my Geometry skills for it. At least it helps me to level up my JavaScript, SVG and Canvas skills.

🎶 Practicing Cahir’s Kitchen song on my low D tin whistle.

🐉 Playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e both as a Halfling Calligrapher Warlock called Nim Inkwell 🧙🏻 and a Tabaxi Barbarian called Ban K’nurr an Tauira 😸. I am also a Dungeon Master in a custom campaign that plays in the beautiful and peaceful region around Sí Bheg, Sí Mhor when suddenly a dark ancient cult arises. Currently, I am playing online due to COVID restrictions.

💪 Testing the minimalist Calisthenics program by Kyle Boggeman.