Tobias Schmidt

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Hi, I’m Tobi, a hands-on digitalisation expert in Munich—an engineer at heart with a business value-driven mindset.


At Plan.Net Connect, I work at the intersection of online marketing, business intelligence and marketing automation to enable companies to deliver dependable, personalised and profitable digital experiences to their customers. I build and lead a team of experts to elevate digital marketing to the next level by implementing customer-centricity in all marketing activities. Using state of the art marketing technology like Customer Data Platforms, I establish data-driven operation processes to optimise marketing activities with incremental learning. I consult customers on all project phases—from analysing business requirements to implementing technical solutions. Apr 2021 - Present

At Commanders Act, I consulted and enabled companies to optimise their digital marketing with the Commanders Act product toolchain (Tag Management System, Customer Data Platform and Consent Management Platform). Furthermore, I was an integral part of the DACH B2B pre-sales consulting team that won pitches of leading international brands. I developed innovative concepts for the evolution of the Commanders Act platform and supported the production team as an internal SCRUM product owner. Jan 2018 - Mar 2021

At POSSIBLE (now Wunderman Thompson), I provided consulting and technical project management for agile digitalisation projects across a broad range of industries. I led digital transformation projects with international SCRUM teams by developing POCs, websites, apps and digital products. Additionally, I led a team that provided mobile app store operations as a service for enterprise customers. May 2014 - Dec 2017

I started to work on hands-on technical and creative freelance projects during my studies. I worked on diverse creative projects (ranging from sound recording and sound design for online conferences to producing advertising films) until I found my passion in digitalisation. Now I implement websites for small to medium-sized businesses as a part-time freelancer. This provides me with opportunities to broaden my practical technical skills and to try out new cutting edge technologies.


I am an expert at engineering digital solutions. I analyse user requirements, sketch out technical architectures, develop websites and prototypes from scratch, and write glue code between existing tech solutions.

As an Industrial Engineer and certified SCRUM Project Manager—I know how to translate technology into business and business into technology. Digitalisation does not work without proper communication.

Digital Marketing combines the best of technology, communication, business, and creativity. Moreover, it drives the current digital transformation process of companies. Digital Marketing is a perfect fit for my multidisciplinary skillset that I picked up along with my work in digital agencies, media production and mar-tech companies.


Web development is a technology branch that develops fast and brings up new frameworks and programming languages every day. To keep up with this I focus on training the fundamental web programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript—for new technologies I always try to check the effort to learn it in relation to the value it provides.

Every programmer has his go-to general-purpose programming language to automate everyday tasks. I chose Node, a very obvious addition to my skill set as it relies on JavaScript—the same programming language that is used for websites. I also use Node for writing servers and APIs and use it for data science and visualisation tasks. Deno is an evolution of Node by its creator Ryan Dahl. Deno tries to solve some design issues of Node while providing optimised DX. Thus I started to migrate to Deno.


Based on many years of working experience in international companies I am fluent in business level English for tech and marketing related topics. German is my mother tongue.


My spare time activity changed throughout 2020. Most important I became a dad 👨‍👩‍👧, and then there also was this thing called COVID 🦠… Currently, I like going on very slow walks (that is how it is with small kids) 🌲 or cycling through forests around Munich 🚲. I enjoy practising the low Irish tin whistle 🎶 taking online classes and listening to audiobooks 🎧. As restaurants changed I started eating out in beer gardens and grabbing takeaway food 🥙 to eat in one of Munich’s nice parks 🏞. I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons 🐉 both as a player and dungeon master. It is a great way to have some social fun during these crazy times as it’s easy to play offline and online and is a great starter to talk with friends. Computer work can be quite draining. I thus do some basic callisthenics 💪, yoga 🥋 and zazen 🧘 to recover. My vacations 🏖 are now happening in the near vicinity of Bavaria—targeting some nice mountain lakes (long trips are difficult with small kids and we never know when COVID lockdown strikes again).