My Setup

On this page you will find what Hardware and Software I am currently using. I use a very minimalistic setup so my list is quite short.


MacBook Air M1 2020 16GB is my main driver. It has amazing performance, lasts all day long and is super lightweight. I do not use an external monitor as I love the constraint of needing to use one screen. My MacBook wanders between my kitchen table, a shelf that I misuse as a standing desk and my couch. I elevate it to eye level for improved ergonomics using a paper box and a book about baking. I hope I will find a nice looking stand at one point that has the perfect height.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a good mouse with a horrible charging experience. Why would you put the charging plug on the bottom of the mouse 🙈. My table is made of old ship wood with a glass plate that conflicts with the mouse infrared lights—I, therefore, use a thin book as a mouse pad.

Planck EZ is my main keyboard. It is a 40% ortholinear mechanical keyboard. The Planck EZ uses a “layer system” that allows re-using the middle row of the keyboard for letters, signs and numbers—it just makes so much sense after using it once. I use a Colemak layout to better distribute typing between my hands. This setup fixes two unnecessary fragments of the typewriter area: staggered keys and the QUERTY layout. Due to the small size of the keyboard, I have almost no horizontal space to reach my mouse. I feel less strain on my hands typing on this setup compared to my Mac keyboard. My next upgrade will be a Let’s split as soon as I find a suitable kit.

Pixel 3A is my only smartphone. It was cheap, has good battery life, an ok display and an amazing camera. I want to upgrade at some point for a better display as I read a lot on my smartphone.

Google Homepod is my main Kitchen radio. It came for free with my Google Pixel 3A. I dislike the idea of having a microphone in my personal space at all times, but it is perfect as a kitchen radio.


Atom is my main code editor. The moment I used it for the first time I fell in love with it. It is minimalistic, yet allows to be extended in every possible way with plug-ins. I tried innovative code editors like Vim and full IDEs like VS Code—as much as they bring value I always come back to the simplistic Atom. Additionally, it works well in conjunction with GitHub Desktop. The only modifications I use is a default font (JetBrains Mono) and the Prettier package.

GitHub & GitHub Desktop is my main way to organise and version tech projects. As much as I like using the Terminal to look like a hacker—Github Desktop makes using Git intuitive and straightforward. It is just so simple to change branches and to browse commits. I also use it to launch projects in Atom and Terminal. For me, it is much faster than ‘cd-ing’ to a project folder in my Terminal. Also, GitHub evolved a lot with amazing collaboration tools. I can see a future where GitHub becomes the main driver of organisations.

Dropbox is where I store my important files. It is cross-platform, worked reliably for ages and is easy to use.

Lastpass is where I store my critical credentials. Using a Password Manager takes a lot of load from my brain. I also use it to store some important documents like my vaccination pass so that I can access them in case someone steals my purse on a trip.

YouTube Music is what I use to listen to music. It works on all platforms and finds almost all songs I like. I can even use it on a Google Home device as a voice-controlled kitchen radio and I can access it in an incognito window on my work laptop.

Audible is what I use for audiobooks. I desire to find an alternative, but it just has all the audiobooks I want to listen to.

Chrome, Safari and Firefox are all in use for testing purposes. I would love to use Safari as my primary browser. Unfortunately the developer console, extensions and reliability can’t compare to Chrome, so I tend to fall back to Chrome every time I try something else. My default extensions are Adblock Plus, Distraction-Free YouTube and Grammarly. This combination makes browsing the web just 100% better.